Travelopolist - My Goals As A Writer

As a writer, it's exciting to get to combine my two loves - traveling and sharing my experience through blogging. Creative writing blogs often go hand in hand with travel blogs, as it's fun for a writer to share their experiences both stateside and abroad through travel. I'm excited for Travelopolist to combine both travel and creative writing blogs in a way that makes it fun for you to read, while also giving you valuable information about traveling abroad.

I've spent many years working as a school librarian. Working with students in this capacity helped me to understand the importance of creating citizens of the world. All too often, students only understood the world from their perspective. It was hard for them to understand that there were people who lived, worked, and believed differently from them. While books and movies can help, nothing can replace the experience of first hand travel.

As a writer, I work to create the next best thing to firsthand travel experience. I relay my travel experiences to you in an honest, open, engaging way, that will help you decide where you'd like to travel one day. If the travel bug has bitten you and you're trying to decide where to go next, I invite you to look over my travels and ask me any questions that you may have about my experience.

Traveling makes the world your oyster, and it's my goal to inspire you to get out and explore. There's always a reason not to travel, but you must find a way. The world is waiting - go out there and experience it.


Maria C. Heberling

San Diego, CA 




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