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If you're new to Travelopolist, welcome. If you've been around for a while, welcome home. Traveling blogs are all the rage lately, and I work hard to bring you a reading experience that you won't find anywhere else. As I explore the world, I invite my readers to join me, experience the sights, tastes, and experiences that I have through my blog.

Travel writing blogs are an amazing way to learn more about what the world has to offer, especially if you're considering embarking on a journey yourself. Scouring travel websites can be helpful, but nothing can take the place of learning about a travel experience firsthand from traveling blogs. As travel writing blogs creators, we have the unique perspective of having nothing to gain except your continued readership. We aren't sponsored by companies, we aren't trying to get free hotel rooms. We're simply sharing our love of travel with you, in hopes that we can encourage you to try your hand at travel as well.

When you're interested in visiting a new area, I can't stress enough how helpful it can be to check out some traveling blogs from people who have already experienced the area. Reach out to the writers and ask questions. I always welcome you to ask me about my journeys - interacting with you is my favorite part of my job.


Maria C. Heberling

San Diego, CA 



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