Traveling Bangkok With No Agenda

I'm happy to share my newly published travel writing article from Adventuress Travel Magazine!

It was edited a bit, but the Publisher knows what she wants! I also confess that I took it for granted that my readers would know the parable of, The Blind Men and the Elephant.

If not, enjoy a version here:

My first week was my first time wandering on my own, navigating the big city, and making "what to do" decisions daily. It was a special time for me to increase my travel savviness and to have the freedom to stop and observe and interact with the Thai people. What I describe about my Bangkok experience precedes a week in Phuket, a southern island in Thailand, and then another week in the northern mountainous area of Chiang Mai, where I met up with friends and family. Each area was like a different part of the elephant.

I was amazed at the vast diversity of people, landscapes, flora, fauna, raw and created beauty, and the variety of climates in each place I traveled. Blogging along the way was not always possible since I purposely tried to stay in the moment and process my experiences after seeing the big picture. I admire those travel bloggers that can write on the fly. I think my brain works a bit differently!

Thank you Carolyn Hamilton, editor of Adventuress, for letting me, ..."share (a) personal experience(s) in more of an essay format, rather than "travel article" or "round-up" format."

Original photos by Maria Heberling

Elephant B & W image from


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