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Updated: Jul 16

I'm happy to share my newly published travel writing article from Adventuress Travel Magazine!

It was edited a bit, but the Publisher knows what she wants! I also confess that I took it for granted that my readers would know the parable of, The Blind Men and the Elephant.

If not, enjoy a version here:

Below I've added a few more edits to my piece, not the published one.

The first week was my first time wandering and navigating the big city of Bangkok on my own, and making my own daily "what to do" decisions. It was a special time for me to increase my travel savviness and to have the freedom to stop and observe and interact with the Thai people. This Bangkok experience preceded a week in Phuket, a southern island in Thailand, and then another week in the northern mountainous area of Chiang Mai, where I met up with friends and family. Each area was like the parable of exploring an elephant by various people. Each section explored was described so differently that taken together, it could hardly be recognized as one beast. Thailand's identification with elephants seemed fit since each area presents a whole different description of one country.

I was amazed at the vast diversity of people, landscapes, flora, fauna, raw and created beauty, and the variety of climates in each place I traveled. Blogging along the way was not always possible since I purposely tried to stay in the moment and process my experiences after seeing the big picture. I admire those travel bloggers that can write on the fly. I think my brain works a bit differently!

Thank you Carolyn Hamilton, editor of Adventuress, for letting me, ..."share (a) personal experience(s) in more of an essay format, rather than "travel article" or "round-up" format."

Original photos by Maria Heberling

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