Thought on Thailand -first post 11-22-19

First post 11-22-19

Sawasdee-ka (female) and Sawadee-krub (male) from Bangkok, Thailand!

By the grace of God I am here. Traveling over was HARD in a number of ways, but I am sure most travelers have their own trip challenges so I will spare you.

This trip I purchased and am using my first overseas SIM card and the verdict is still out about whether I should have bought the international plan from Verizon or not. Not all features are the same and so photo sharing may not be an option. Still figuring that out! But, I am now using and loving WhatsApp tied to my US phone number.

Today I got the lay of the land - the walkable areas around my hotel. Observing without judging allows me to just notice and describe things in my mind and then move on to the next interesting scene. Watching the everyday activities of the people who work extremely hard every day to provide basic services and tourists’ needs and fancies, draws my focus today.

*I notice the Thai people’s attempts to communicate with tourists, pulling out the Google Translate app to figure it out or running to a neighbor to notice if he or she can help.

*I notice the sales, customer service smiles put on to convince customers to buy their products at this stall and their hidden disappointment when there is no sale.

*I notice the sweat and fatigue of those tearing down a Farmer’s Market at the end of the day packing up awnings, merchandise and produce in big plastic bins on hand carts, knowing that the process will reverse as tomorrow’s dawn approaches.

*I notice food and unusual parts of animals (some identifiable and some not) cooking on the street alongside fresh fruit smoothie stands and a barbecued-corn-on-the cob stall.

*I notice taxi drivers hop out of their cars to push other parked vehicles out of their way.

*And, I notice the King’s regally adorned image everywhere I go. In this Constitutional Monarchy, The King of Thailand is the head of state and head of the ruling Royal House of Chakri. (Wikipedia) Even though it is illegal to talk badly about the King or print anything that seems to insult him, the Thai people truly love and respect the King and the royal family.

About now hunger and jet lag are kicking in, so thanks for reading!

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