The La Jolla Blues

La Jolla never disappoints. The winding coastline provides free daily entertainment, close proximity to marine and wildlife, gnarly caves and rock formations. Pristine beaches lure surfers, surf jumpers and children building castles in the sand and splashing in the shallow shore surf.

Three sides of ocean bluffs, beaches, and a large grassy park area define the coast of La Jolla, a wealthy community in the northwestern part of the city. Each time I go there, I see, hear, smell or do something different. Others may not know it, but it is MY playground for refreshing outdoor fun!

On my get-out-of-the-house play afternoon, I was lucky to find a place to park. Some surfers getting ready to leave saw me, waved, gave me a friendly hang loose gesture and made sure I got their spot. Blessings to you guys for an epic ride next time!

La Jolla Cove was my first stop. This underwater ecological reserve is swimmable, and good for snorkeling and diving, depending on the calmness of the surf. The colors of the sea, lapis lazuli, turquoise, aqua, and a dozen other shades of blue, sparkled and were crystal clear all the way to the bottom of the ocean. I saw rocks and corals, sea plants and marine life that aren't always visible. The brilliance was magnetic as I quickly shed my shoes and walked through the caves and got calf-deep in the water. It was a renewing, spiritual experience for me and I rode that happy content feeling all afternoon.

My next stop was The Children’s Pool, another cove that is now roped off to humans because it is Harbor Seal and Pupping Season. The beach area is where the mommas and pups lounge and learn all things important to being a seal. Dec. 15th - May 15th is a crucial window for the survival and thriving of each new generation of pinnipeds. The long curving concrete sea wall with handrails takes visitors around the perimeter of the cove so that every angle of cove and ocean can be observed from above. Lounging pregnant seals lay and scooted on and off the rocks on the ocean side. The surf was relatively calm yesterday, but I have been out there when the waves have been big enough to splash over the wall and soak me in spray. It's time to leave then.

When the tide is right, a small public beach is accessible from the Children’s Pool. Low tide invites the curious to get in the water or walk out on the rocks to look for sea creatures. I was lucky to go at low tide because I’d never seen this beach before, even though I visit this area often.

Walking the sidewalk path along the cliffs gives another view of blues, coastline, perching pelicans, gulls and amateur and professional photographers from around the globe. It’s common to hear a variety of languages being spoken intermixed with bird cries, lapping or crashing waves and children’s screams of fun excitement.

Blue is a warm color, a color of calmness. It is the color of the sea and sky. Combined with sunshine, and low swells it was a peaceful and heavenly day.


Maria C. Heberling

San Diego, CA 


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