A Bloomin' Good Time to Travel the Neighborhood!

Updated: Jul 16

The challenge: Look around where you are walking these days and Observe. See what catches your fancy! Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a "fancy" can be just something unusual or previously unnoticed. So, arm yourself with walking shoes, a camera, several layers of clothing, and walk where you live! SEE something for the first time in a new way. Think of fun color names and descriptive words, so that your stroll can become a total mind/ body/imagination workout!

Spring is the time for the most vibrant colors and when plant blossoms are first emerging. Coupled with some sun in the sky, it is the time of year that brings the simplest joys! Here are samples from my walk 2 days ago, for your enjoyment!

When it's safe to linger in a hardware store again, I'll go looking at paint color strips to find descriptors for the colors. My impressions for pics 1 & 2 are pomegranate red berries emerging from a pampas grass cone; and yellow cream lilies. What do you see?


Maria C. Heberling

San Diego, CA 



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