9 Beds - 6 Weeks

Updated: Jan 20

My posts have been delayed as I've been transitioning into my Semi-Retired, Globe Trotting, Packing, Holiday and Relocating life! Somewhat settled into my new (for now) residence, it dawned on me that I have slept in nine beds over the last 6 1/2 weeks! (see list below) What adventures I have had! Not much time to write while I was constantly on the Go! Much thanks and many blessings to friends and family and even strangers who supported me and worked along side me to keep me positive.

Besides my nightly landing places, I have learned to eat what is available, when it's available, and to travel light with a backpack and carry on. By my third week in Thailand, I was still washing and wearing various combinations of the clothes I brought with me. Then the market shopping began for gifts and a few clothing items for me! I had to buy a zippered bag to transport my bounty back to the states. Thank goodness for wheelie carts at the airports to get my luggage to the curb upon return!

After my return , I continued purge my household belongings getting ready to move. drove out of town for Christmas and the trekked down to San Diego, my new hometown.

No photos were taken of my beds because that would be boring! So, descriptions follow if you read on. Here are some fun Stock photos included for your amusement, instead! Which one would you like to try?

Remembering this time period gives me hope that when I am sure I can't do "this" (whatever the "this" is in the moment), God gives the help and strength I need. And, as Winnie-the-Pooh says, “You’re braver than you believe and stronger and smarter than you think.”

Bed 1: My WONDERFUL queen bed at home which I slept in before my Thailand exploration. I miss you!

Bed 2: A king sized bed in Bangkok, (big city) lower to the ground, mattress not so soft but very roomy. In my opinion, but not enough pillows to prop myself up comfortably.

Bed 3: A queen bed in Phuket, (beach) with a lightweight spread. Wonderful to sleep with the slider open in tropical weather!

Bed 4: Guest bedroom full sized bed in Chiang Mai (mountainous) adorned with a beautiful handmade many-colored cover with whimsical elephants. And when the temperature dropped dramatically, I ended up with every spare blanket in the house.

Bed 5: After a week back in my own bed, I spent the last 2 nights in my apartment on an inflatable full mattress. Once all my furniture was loaded into my moving POD, I camped out by the fireplace until I said good-bye to my apartment of 5 years and headed into Christmas.

Bed 6: Three nights on my sister's futon with a personal heater (warm is GOOD!) was very

welcome in the midst of holiday fun with family and friends.

Bed 7: With the California Grapevine, HWY 5 closed for snow, I had an overnight stay at a lousy hotel. My room's bed had a mattress that needed an upgrade to remove that feeling of springs on my back. Plus, it was a long night with no Wi-Fi, as advertised!

Bed 8: My temporary landing place in San Diego has a very comfy bed in the spare room.

Bed 9: A high, soft poster bed at my Dad's San Diego condo also welcomed me recently as I visited. I lost track of the number of pillows adorning the white lace cover. (Pillows are very GOOD too!)

Sweet dreams and healing rest to you all!


Maria C. Heberling

San Diego, CA 



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