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 Change your scenery-change your life


Thanks for checking out my page! My TRAVELOPOLIST handle, title, social media name, is a combination of many aspects of my life. 

  • The Merriam Webster definition of Travel is: a journey, especially to a distant or unfamiliar place (tour, trip). 

  • Opolis is usually defined as a city-state (as in Ancient Greece). However, it also means citizenship and body of citizens. This meaning connects me with other like-minded people who wander on purpose and who have become an inspiration on my own writing journey. 

  • The suffix “ist” denotes a person who practices something or one who does something.  


In short, I travel and write and take photos surrounded by my citizenship (group of supportive people.)  I hope you will join in the exploration and discovery by enjoying and engaging with me about my writing and photos! 



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More about me

I was privileged to grow up in a family that traveled frequently.  There was no wealth to boast of, but there was a priority that trips and travel were more important than fashion and things.
Moving frequently as a kid, I traversed the country in a burnt-orange-colored station wagon with a houndstooth vinyl top. Camping along the way, we moved often for my father’s new job opportunities.
I could put a pin on almost every state that we traveled through or visited as a kid. One day, I counted 6 states that we drove through when we lived in the Northeast.  The Vermont maple sugar candies stand out most from that venture!
Also, conference travel frequently took my dad and uncles away to interesting and exotic places so there were always stories from afar around our table. All these experiences contributed to forming a desire or Wanderlust and Passion in me to see the world and interact with its people and cultures. 
Much thanks to Mom and Dad and my journeying extended family! Love and gratitude to my children who have inherited the desire to be Travelopolists themselves.  I often get to live vicariously through their journeys; thus expanding my Global view as well!
I began my travel writing journey in summer, 2018.  After connecting to Great Escape Publishing and working on their Travel Writers Program , I attended The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Little Rock, AK in 2019.  It was then that I started to see a future that allowed me to be creative, use my writing skills, travel and share my deeply held belief that travel and reading about foreign or unfamiliar places and people, changes a person’s life for the better!


Throughout my career as a teacher and school librarian, I have striven to give my students a global view beyond their home and own family traditions. I want them to see beyond their neighborhoods and people similar to them; beyond their city and the places they knew; beyond their state which they learned about in fourth grade if they were paying attention; and beyond what they saw on the news, movies and TV shows about the world.  

I believe raising Global Citizens can change the world and a person for the better. I hope this website sends tingles down your spine as you get excited to spread out beyond a Local life!

Cruising through the Bonifacio Strait between Corsica and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea while sitting in the hot tub on my first trip to Europe aboard the EPIC ship -Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Summer 2019

Maria C. Heberling

San Diego, CA 



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